Saturday, February 16, 2013

Interesting week

Ready for Valentine's Party at School

Riding her scooter like a pro!

Changing Daddy's diaper...

And an interesting thing happened after Christmas.  With all the princess she got, one of the Barbies had to be Prince Charming.  So we decided to get her a "Prince Charming" and now Cinderella is very happy.

Dessert of Nutella on bread

So this has been our most successful way to go to the potty.  We are on day #2 of big girl underwear, and its going about as well as expected.  She is a champion "holder" so getting her to actually go is the problem.  Accidents are happening after an hour of sitting on the potty, but we are getting there!  She's excited about it, just still trying to get used to it.
School Pics

She's been telling me all about their special snack of frosting on graham crackers all week

Matching valentines

And she really loves coloring with the markers at school :)

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