Friday, February 1, 2013

Time to play!

Playing with her new VW beetle

Running with daddy and Toby

Just eating a banana, what are you doing?
Run away!

New tent!

Making a new door, out of the window


Building block towers

She can do the 1st 4 by herself


Playing with new dishes from Great-Grandma

We made Flounder, Ariel, and Prince Eric in bathtub crayons!

Tea Party

And new Panda slippers

Something chocolate, I don't even remember

Ready for pajama day at School!!!

We spent the nice day this week outside, taking Toby for a walk and learning how to ride a scooter!

I made a stage for the doggie! wonder she isn't napping, she's reading stories to the 20 animals in her bed! Yes, this is how I found her when I tried to get her up from "rest time".

And the new curtain she picked out all by herself-so cute!
 Some oldies from a disposable camera I found!

Sarah and Juan on the Power Tower
This is Addy helping me sweep up the needles from our Christmas tree.  Look where the dustpan is dumping, and you can see how well it went

Still trying

I have no idea what/when this is from :)

And Josh did some electrical work-and the house is still standing!! Hooray!

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