Friday, February 22, 2013


What an interesting week!  We've been continuing our potty training, and it gets a little better each day.  Addy and daddy had the day off Monday, Wednesday I served our Little Lambs Lenten supper all night, Thursday I shadowed at Children's Hospital (and loved it!) and today I had my first of 5 midterms.  We also had snow days yesterday and today too! Craziness around here :)
My valentine's gift-Painkillers "from" Puerto Rico

Enjoying an Addy/Daddy/Mommy date at Panera-yet another chocolate brownie from daddy

5 inches of snow!!!, plus a layer of ice

Laughing at daddy with her footwear of choice this week

And now she matches her shirt-earmuffs, scarf, and mittens!

And here are our "faces"-all about feelings!
Happy Face

Sad Face-boo hoo hoo



And Naughty
School Pics
Wearing her "headband"

Flamingo's-Aunt Sarah's favorite!

Playing by herself, as usual

Paint daubbers

And Elmo-apparently a class favorite.  Definitely a favorite for this girl!

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