Saturday, February 9, 2013

Puerto Rico

Tuesday: Transferring Addy to Aunt Sarah-but first, pool time at the hotel!

Wednesday: In San Juan
Thursday: In Fajardo, where we thought we'd catch the ferry to Vieques; relaxing while we waited for the ferry

But instead, we chartered a plane! First prop plane experience
The view from the prop plane

Lazy Jack's Bar
Get to Know everyone party Thursday night

Friday: Beach Party at Sun Bay

Horses came to visit the party

Enjoying the water
Party the night before the wedding



Bio Bay Tour-we enjoyed this Friday evening

Waiting to go on the Bio Bay tour

Animals from the Island
The Mommy dog and one of the puppies from our Guest house
Some crabs on the beach

Horse Taxis

Iguana in the tree by the pool of the Guest House

There were ALWAYS horses in the road


The view from the restaurant we ate at quite a few times
Beautiful sunset

The local bakery

The "Boardwalk" of Esperanza (the area we stayed in on the island)

The street our Guest House was on

Our Guest House

The seashell that was still together! Of course it didn't make it home that way though

More wonderful views during breakfast
Wedding Festivites
Villa where the wedding was held-this is the backyard

Kitchen of the Villa (I don't know why it's sideways)

View from the back porch

The outdoor bar

The odd bathroom

Ceremony area

Front of the Villa

Horses in the yard next door

Hanging out at the pool....

Relaxing at the villa
Heading Home: Flight back-second prop plane, definitely not as scary!!
Cape Air

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