Thursday, May 20, 2010

1 Month Birthday!

Addy had her 4 week checkup Wednesday. She hadn't gained as much weight as we had hoped, but otherwise is doing well. She got her first vaccine since she's been out of the hospital-not so thrilled with it! Eventually we got her calmed down, poor baby :(

She's growing and changing so much! Her dark hair is growing longer and getting a wave to it, especially when its wet. It also has a slight red tint in the sunlight. She's got a case of baby acne that is always changing-something to look forward to in 13 years! Her dark blue eyes are looking around and staring at faces and things and following moving objects a bit. Her little fingernails grow pretty fast, I'm trimming them at least every week. Her little legs seem to be getting longer everyday! She's still a squirmer, which makes diaper changes always interesting. She's staying up longer during the day, sometimes not wanting to take a nap, so we are working on that! She's awesome though-we are having a blast!

New pics to be posted soon as well.

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