Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Bark-day Toby!

Yesterday we celebrated Toby's 2nd Birthday, I mean, Barkday. He got puppy ice cream for dinner and all kinds of love :)

We have been hanging out w/Aunt Stephanie the past few days. We've watched the Cardinals lose to the Phillies, visited Daddy's work, gone out for ice cream, and had tons of fun!

We also went to the dr yesterday. She says Addy is doing great. She gained 10oz. since her last visit, just over a week ago-more than an oz. a day! She also has a nice, clean bellybutton now-very cute :) We are also hoping to start our walks soon, now that its warm but not too hot and the weather has been beautiful! Toby will enjoy that too.

Well, we are off to enjoy our last day w/Aunt Stephanie!

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