Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adalyn is here!

The sweetest cutest baby is now here. She loves sleeping, eating and fidgeting. She's been home for a week now, and things are going pretty smoothly. We aren't getting much done around the house, since we are having so much fun watching and playing with her, but I still need some rest, since I'm still a little sore from the delivery!

Adalyn's first baths at home have been pretty good, with mixed reactions. She seems to really enjoy having her hair washed, but the rest of it she could do without. And both baths have resulted in mom getting peed on at the end! We've had a few poop explosions too-mostly just going up the front of her diaper and only once getting on mom's clothes.

She's doing pretty good with feedings, going 3-4 hours and letting mom and dad get some sleep at night. Let's hope it stays that way! Well, its about time for more food, so I must be going!

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