Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rough Day

Today was a rough day. We woke up, ready to take a nice, relaxing walk to start the day. Josh went downstairs to let Toby out, and discovered a diarrhea explosion. So he took the dog, in his crate, outside to hose both off. I worked on cleaning the carpet downstairs, then went outside to give Toby a quick bath. We let him back inside and continued what we were doing. All of a sudden, I look down and there is a puddle of blood on the floor, and then we find another, mixed with poop not too far away. I get Toby back outside, clean it up, and then we call the vet. They say to bring him in right away.

Josh was going to the doctor this morning anyway, so he took Addy with him and I took the dog. The vet thinks everything is ok with him, just a diarrhea bug of some sort, and we got him medicine and some special food for a few days.

While Josh was at the doctor, they weighed Addy, since she hadn't gained much since the last time we were there. This time she lost 3 oz. So now we are taking some drastic measures-adding some formula powder to her bottles and we are getting her some acid reflux medicine, since she can get pretty fussy with some of her bottles. We'll try all that and take her in again on Tuesday. Hopefully we can fatten up this baby!!!

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