Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cute Baby

Today we successfully got through the whole church service-no poopy diapers, no teradactyl baby, just cute, mostly quiet baby! Then we went to Panera and came home to hang up pictures and a shelf.

Last night, we let the baby lay down in her crib to rest a little before bed, when all of a sudden we heard a very strange slurping noise. We go over to check on Addy, and she has both feet in her mouth and is slurping loudly on funny! She did the same thing with her hand in her mouth during church-loud slurping :)

Also, a story from a few days ago: Addy was sitting on daddy's lap during dinner, doing one of her most recent favorite things-chewing on a piece of celery. This was a very long piece of celery, as her hand was in the middle of it, and she was chewing on one end. Toby came over to see what is was she was chewing on, and started to smell the other end of it. Soon, he very carefully put his teeth on the end of the celery closest to him and carefully slid it out of her hand, before running away with it. Addy just watched him do it, no crying, just a studying look. Josh and I just started laughing-it was sooo funny! The same thing happened tonight with a piece of paper Addy was playing with. Toby is so gentle when he comes up to steal things, it's so adorable! So far, he's only done it when we are at the dinner table. He's not allowed to touch her toys, and he does pretty good with that :)

Go Colts!! Addy loves the 1st down dance that we do when the Colts get a first down! Toby loves doing his touchdown dance for treats, so the game was a good one for everyone!

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