Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rolling Away

Today was very busy-playing that is. This morning Addy was having some great tummy time. Toby and I were laying down with her, and Toby was keeping her attention on other things :) She can lift her legs up along with her arms, a little bit Superman style. She also straightened out one of her arms even! After all that work, she had a nice long nap and I was able to get all the laundry done and get the ball rolling on our landscaping project.

This afternoon, Addy and I went downstairs to play. I was trying to convince her to roll over by putting one of her favorite toys in a place where she needed to roll to her stomach to reach. She kept getting close, but one arm would get stuck under her, until finally she did it! She stayed on her tummy for a little bit, until she didn't like it, and pretty quickly got herself rolled back over to her back. Shortly after that she was back on her tummy and then rolled over onto her back, off the blanket and gave me a big smile-4 rolls at once :) and of course this happened about 15 minutes before daddy got home. He missed it again...

During dinner Addy had some rice cereal, then she needed a bath, and then we even had time for a walk and blowing bubbles, which Toby enjoyed eating. Such a busy, fun day!

Something I forgot to mention yesterday - Addy showed her first signs of stranger anxiety yesterday. Just a warning, in case she isn't very happy while we are on vacation soon.

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