Sunday, September 12, 2010

Normal Weekend

Friday was a pretty normal day, just cleaning up the house and working on our quote for the yard-we are very close to making a decision and making our yard usable!

Saturday started with a beautiful walk through the next neighborhood, checking out their garage sales. Josh went to the eye doctor in the morning and found out he has a corneal ulcer. His eye has been a little sore lately when he wears contacts all day, so he went it to have it checked out. There is a little blue spot on the white of his eye that may be there forever, but other than that, a few days rest from contacts should be all he needs. He'll go back later this week to make sure. Then, when daddy got home, we had Addy's 2nd bowl of cereal. It was much thicker, and she did great with it. Very messy = extra cute. Then after a bath, we ran some errands around town and started looking at couches for the basement.


Today was the big day-Addy's first Colts game. We made wings and sweet potato fries, and celery, which is Addy's favorite. She loves to "chew" on celery, and it's really funny to watch when it leaves her mouth, and she's trying to get it back in. She tends to hit her chin, and then get frustrated. After the Colts game, we watched the Rams for awhile and worked on the basement. We've gotten almost all the cords cleaned up down there, and soon we can decorate and put our new couch down there, but first we have to find one we want. Tomorrow we go to the doctor to check on Addy's weight. Hopefully it's good news!

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