Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Sitting

You can't tell in the picture, but Addy was sitting without me touching her at all, even with my legs. She can sit without her hands sometimes for about a full second!

Friday we had our bible study group. There were a LOT of kids there, right around 15! There were so many kids we couldn't even do the craft. But Addy did like the songs alot. She even continued singing after the goodbye song. She was sitting by herself in the blow up pool with plastic balls in it, so when we got home, daddy took this picture of her, still doing good with her new trick :) Then, after a few hours at home, we went to the balloon glow at Forest Park.

We went to Charlene's house and we all rode together-Charlene and mommy in front, and Brady, Maddie and Addy in the back. We had a rough time with the babies on the way there-no one wanted to sit in traffic, and they let us know. Then we had a long walk before we got to the balloons. They were really pretty! Then we ate a picnic dinner and watched the fireworks, before the long walk back home. All the while we were at the balloons, daddy was at the Cardinals game on the MVP deck. Free food, free beer and an awesome game-Cards won 14-4! We all got home late and we were all tired, except of course, for Addy. Finally she relaxed and we all went to bed.

Today was very boring - just cleaning and napping. IU won though!! Woo hoo 2-0!

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