Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun Time

Yesterday was a fun day. First Addy and I went to Little Lambs, a bible study group for kids who are younger than school age and their parents (mostly moms). Addy played with a little boy named Conner and even participated in craft time (the craft was spy glasses-decorating a toilet paper roll. She chewed on hers, but she enjoyed it!) She was even ready for a bottle at snack time! Then she was passed out while mommy ran a few errands. We came home, vacuumed out daddy's truck, and then after dinner, Addy and daddy went to Bass Pro to buy shotgun shells, while mommy took the puppy for a solo walk.

Today, daddy went shooting with a friend from work. Addy and mommy played all morning. Then we vacuumed out the car, swept the garage floor, put the basement back together, went for a walk, gave the baby a bath-all kinds of things to keep us busy! The past 2 days we've had the windows open all day-its been wonderful! I wish this could be the weather for a few months, instead of just a few days!

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