Thursday, September 23, 2010

Formula Recall

Yesterday was a VERY exciting day--I got my first Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer :)

The best part is, we didn't have to pay for it! Gotta love credit card points!

Today was spent taking care of Addy's formula recall. Pretty much all of the formula powder in plastic containers was recalled-exactly the formula powder that Addy uses. The company said that their ready made formula was the substitute for the powders, but that is a problem for 2 reasons: 1) WAY more expensive 2) we are still using extra powder in her bottles to make them higher calorie. I called the GI doctor, and she said that it would be completely fine to substitute with Enfamil, so that's what we did. I got about $48 in refund money and I was able to get the Enfamil pretty cheap with coupons :) Other than that, Addy slept a lot of the day and was in a pretty good mood. It may have been the last hot day of the year too! It got to 91 and was pretty humid, but tonight we are supposed to have storms and then tomorrow will hopefully be gorgeous!

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