Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd Vacation

Addy's second vacation was again very fun :) She rode in the car for over 1700 miles in just over a week!

Last Saturday, we left home and traveled to see Aunt Katelyn in Indy. We saw her kitty Gia and had Johnny Rockets -yum. Then we continued to Grandma and Grandpa B's house.

Last Sunday, we relaxed with G&G B. and Aunt Sarah (who was using her new toys on Addy) before we went over to Grandma and Grandad G's house. They weren't there though, so we went to church to visit everyone, then went back to their house for pizza :)

Monday, we ran errands - visited Art (our financial planner), got the loan for our backyard project, did some furniture shopping, and relaxed at G&G B's.

Tuesday, we went shopping in Shipshewana IN. We enjoyed the fresh air at the flea market and bought more stuff than we planned on :)

Wednesday, we went to Columbus OH to visit Aunt Stephanie. We did a car tour of the campus, ate at North Market, cruised the mall and saw where Uncle Jon works (so cool :) ).

Thursday, daddy went fishing with Grandad, while Addy and I relaxed in the morning, and then met up with everyone at G&G G's house for daddy's birthday dinner.

Friday, we relaxed in the morning, then went to visit the Degitz family. Then Addy got to have her first sleepover with Aunt Ally and Aunt Maddi.

Saturday, Addy spent the evening with G&G B while mommy and daddy went to a wedding in Kokomo.

Sunday, we had birthday lunch with G&G B and then went to visit Aunt Sarah at her apartment. After that we drove all the way back home!

What a fun, exciting trip!

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