Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping weekend

Friday, Addy and I went shopping at the mall and Baby's R Us. We bought way too much, but at least most of it was on the list :)

Yesterday, Josh and I made pumpkin pancakes for Halloween. They were delicious :) Then, we went down to Main Street in St. Charles. We ate at the local brewery and then did some shopping in the shops down there. Everyone just thought Addy was sooo cute. So many people were smiling at her, so funny! Then we came home and watched the Mizzou game. Since no one else good won this weekend, go Tigers!

Today we went to church and the brunch after church. Then we came home, and put Addy down for a nap. I had to wake her up after 3 hours! Then we carved pumpkins and went for a walk. We've been trying to get Addy to eat green beans since Thursday. She takes 2 bites and then won't open her mouth again, except for her bottle. Today, I tried mixing the green beans with her cereal. She ate it, but very reluctantly. It was pretty funny. We'll try one more time tomorrow, then Tuesday its time to try peas!

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