Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last day of 5 months old!

Today was a busy day in the Gentry household. First, we all got up early to drop off daddy's rental car. Then Addy and I went to the GI doctor for a checkup. Addy now weighs 13 lbs., 7.5 oz. right on track in the 10th percentile :) She's doing great weight wise. We'll see the rest tomorrow at her 6 mo. checkup.

After the doctor visit, we came home for awhile, then went to the grocery store. We chatted with the neighbors, who were watching the dirt being removed from the yard, took a walk, and relaxed with daddy.

Addy has 2 new favorite games. "Wheels on the Bus" - especially certain verses, depending on the day. Yesterday it was the door, opening and shutting. Today was the baby's going "Wa, wa, wa" She also has discovered that when it is cold, mommy wears hooded sweatshirts. On a hooded sweatshirt is a sweatshirt string. The string can be pulled and there is a ton of space to chew on! Needless to say, she's enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today, I believe there were 6 more loads of dirt removed from the backyard. We all walked back there, and imagined what it would look like. The pallets of stone also came today, put into the backyard by a huge forklift. I think there are 9-10 pallets. It looks like the main section of wall is dug out. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

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