Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Soapy mohawk!

Yesterday, Addy and I ran errands most of the day. We went to 7 different places! Poor baby though, it was day 4 after her shots, and she was cranky off and on. We had to give her 2 doses of Tylenol during the day. That made her feel much better though!

The guys worked on the yard yesterday - the wall has been started!

Last night, we were woken up at 4am by a horrible storm. It was blowing rain so hard, it looked like a hurricane! The rain let up pretty quickly, but the wind stayed around all day. The construction people didn't do anything today, except to check the situation and uncover the yard, I assume to help dry it out. Over the weekend, the tarp worked, but after the wind yesterday, it's quite muddy. Check out what the wind did (yes, the whole hill was covered last night, and yes, the blocks were blown off the top of the hill):

Today, Addy and I stayed home most of the day. She took her naps great and ate pretty well too. Addy had her first taste of peas today. Pretty close to the same reaction as the green beans. She made a little face, then refused to eat anymore food. So much for the greens I suppose! Today, she did something exciting though. She was on her belly, and she was really getting her knees up under her. Then she scooted back about an inch! haha! She still doesn't like being on her belly, but once she figures out how to go forward, I think we are definitely in trouble. We really need to get finished with this baby proofing! Addy also helped me with the laundry today:

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