Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Stuff

Sorry I didn't write last night, Josh and I got caught up in watching all the Chilean miner stuff on TV - it sure is amazing!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. We met up with Josh and a friend from work for lunch, then we went to Sam's Club, Walmart and Lowe's. Little did I know, we really shouldn't have gone to Lowe's.... We had to go to a different Sam's Club, the one out by Josh's work, because the one about 5 min from our house didn't have Addy's size of diapers!! But, she might be out of those soon anyway, we'll see. (We did a weight check on our scale at home yesterday, and she's almost 14lbs!) While we were there, I saw some variety packages of fruit and veggis for Addy - we'll see what the doctor says, she might be starting those next week! Then we went over to Walmart - and of course bought more than we should have ;) Just as we were leaving Walmart, Addy was starting to fall asleep. I figured we could run into Lowe's really quick, since I only needed 2 things. She was asleep when we went in, but it took me forever to find one of the items, and so she woke up before we left. She played part of the way home, but then screamed that she was hungry for the other 15 min of the drive... Then she was cranky all night, and has been trouble with her naps this morning. At the moment though, she is sleeping soundly, and for almost 2 hours :D Next time, it's home when it's time for her nap!

Addy is doing some new milestone stuff the past few days. She now signals to me when she wants to be picked up. It's so funny - she leaves her left elbow bent with her hand in front of her and then stretches out her right arm at an angle. Then when you pick her up, she curls up real tight. She is so silly :) She also no longer wants to sit on anyone's lap, she only wants to stand up. She has also graduated from the teradactyl voice, and has just moved right onto screaming. Josh and I are not fans of this new development.

Yes, it is Wednesday. No, I have not seen the yard guys since first thing Monday morning. Maybe we'll see them soon???

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