Thursday, October 14, 2010

She drove it right into the ground!

So yesterday, shortly after I hit send on the blog message, the utility guy came by and marked where all the buried wires were. Today, the workers still didn't show up, so I email the guy. Apparently the city is taking their sweet time with the permit, so hopefully we'll see some work being done by Tuesday.

Addy's costume came yesterday - She looks awesome in it! And no, we aren't telling what it is :)

On great news-our couches came today!!! Bad news - Josh and I need furniture 101. They are much bigger than we thought, even with measuring :) Oh well, we have a plan, and they are going to be awesome anyway! Pictures coming once we get the room rearranged. Other than that, nothing exciting going on. Addy had a rough day with her tummy. She didn't eat much today, but she did throw up alot. Hopefully tomorrow is better, today was quite gross! Since we don't have anything else to say, here's an extra pic:

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