Sunday, October 17, 2010

Screaming :)

Friday was a fun day - we went to Little Lambs and sang songs and screamed and played. Then we came home, and daddy was working at home, so we bugged him off and on. Then we all went to a cocktail party at the next door neighbor's house and met all the fun neighbors in the neighborhood. The nice thing with that was, when Addy needed another bottle, we just went across the yard, got her one and came back!

Yesterday was a lazy day. We hung out around the house, cleaned, played with toys, and sang silly songs. Addy also had her first bowl of oatmeal (very similar to her rice cereal, only it was a little more brown.) She didn't even seem to notice a difference in taste :) She is still wanting to do everything her own way. Now she even gets upset sometimes when she is hungry, and we give her a bottle. We didn't know why, but it seems that she would rather have something on a spoon. I guess she knows that the cereal is more filling!

Today, we went to church. Addy decided she was going to scream through quite a bit of it. So, that was fun... Then we went to Panera, during which she slept through most of mommy and daddy's lunch. After dropping daddy off, Addy had some cereal, and then Addy and I took Toby out for a long walk around the neighborhood. It was still nice outside, so then we blew bubbles. After relaxing for a little while, the Colts game is now on. Go COLTS!

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