Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daddy's Coming Home!

Yesterday, Addy and I went to the zoo first thing in the morning. We had fun walking around and checking out the animals. The hippos were really cool - they were fighting in the water. Addy, however, thought the little boy running back and forth looking at them was more interesting though! The chimps we went and sat beside during a snack break were pretty cool too. They were eating bugs off of each other. Later, we saw some other monkeys running around, playing, and Addy really seemed to enjoy them.

When we got home, nothing had been done to the yard, so Addy decided to take things into her own hands:

Today was much different though. Here is the first scoop:

I counted 6 loads of dirt they hauled out today, and it's only about half finished. Here's the progress so far.

Addy and I did a lot of nothing today. She was pretty cranky, I think she misses her daddy. But he is almost home now! Woohoo! It sure seems like Cisco Chicago likes Josh a lot lately.

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