Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Fall!

Friday was Addy's first day to the park. It was a beautiful day and wasn't supposed to be too warm, so we decided to walk to the park in our neighborhood. So, yes, the temperature wasn't too bad, low 70s, but there was not a cloud in the sky. Mommy sure was sweating by the time we got to the park! We tried the swing for a little while, and this is the face she pretty much gave me the whole time. She seemed indifferent to the whole situation. We tried the slide for a little bit, but I was really getting warm, so we decided to head back. We'll have to try in the spring when she is bigger!

Saturday was Kendall's 3rd birthday party (the daughter of a friend of mine from work). I didn't really get any pictures of her, she was running around most of the time! There was a bouncy house, yummy food and a balloon artist. Addy enjoyed playing with the other babies (Evan and Maddie), and hanging out with new friends. She didn't love the bouncy house or even frosting from the cupcakes. After the party, we went furniture shopping. Josh and I bought our birthday/Christmas present to each other-- seating for the basement! The new stuff should be here Thursday, just in time for the best TV night of the week! We'll send pics when it comes in.

Today was another fun day. We went to Eckert's Family Farm in Illinois. Addy had her first trip through East St. Louis (one of the worst parts of town). Thankfully, we came through during the day... The farm was really fun. There was a lookout over the whole farm, lots of bonfire sites, pig races, a huge slide, cornfield maze, food stations, animals, apple picking and pumpkins. We got over 9 lbs of apples, and I made a delicious apple-oat crisp for dinner. Yummy! Addy really loved the apples too. At first she made a really sour face when she tried some of the apple, but then she really started enjoying it.

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