Monday, October 11, 2010

Just getting started

Today was a very exciting day, we thought. I had just laid Addy down for her first nap, when all of a sudden people from the lawn guys were in our backyard! So exciting! But they weren't there even a full hour, before they left some tools charging and a bobcat on the side yard, and they were gone. But that gives me one more day before I have to take Toby out on a leash :) Since they weren't working, I was able to paint the mailbox since its Columbus Day!

Addy has been doing pretty good. She seems to be getting into a routine with 4-1 hour naps during the day, and being a little fussy at night. I think the "at night" part is just us not knowing what she wants, but we are working at it. The past 2 days, we have noticed that she is starting to stick her butt in the air when she's on her belly. She's also still working on her sitting. She can do a full 10 seconds or so, but then she leans back and if I wasn't there, would fall down :( Addy loves peekaboo right now-she gets excited just anticipating it. So cute!

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