Thursday, April 21, 2011

1 Year Old!

Addy is now a big girl for real :) One year old! She's changed a little in the past year...haha!

Addy has been busy reading the past month. She loves to "read" her books while mommy is reading a magazine, then after awhile, she'll bring the books over so that I can read them to her. She loves crawling around and checking out anything new-tv stands, the fireplace, steps, windows, couches, tables, just about anything. She's doing great at getting up, sitting down, picking stuff up off the floor. She's still taking 2 or 3 steps in between Josh and I, but not really walking on her own. She's starting to stand for 2 or 3 seconds while she looks at a toy. Then she realizes she's not holding onto anything, so she goes back to grab something sturdy:)

She loves her bear that she sleeps with, and still looks for her paci, but not as much as her bear. We might be able to start getting away from the paci now, while we still have time before she becomes too attached ;) We'll see-she's teething right now, so she loves to chew on it while her teeth are coming in. We are also trying to start getting away from bottles-mommy sure is tired of cleaning them. We'll start that later next week though, after all the excitement of the weekend has passed!

She's still being picky about food texture-if it's wet to the touch, she won't pick it up, but she'll eat it off a spoon-especially fruit. Her current favorite is strawberries. I'm really excited for summer to be coming up with all the fresh fruit we can get now! She also now likes sweet potato fries, even though she doesn't like them in chunks. I guess she just likes to take bites and hold the long french fry!

We love going for walks outside with Toby still, and Addy also loves going to the park. She plays on the swings and on this keyboard toy thing. She also can push herself down the slide. She loves to sit in the grass and pull out stuff, like dandelions and dead grass. She really likes it when daddy pushes her on her car outside too :)

This will be my last "regular" post. I know they've been getting a little sporadic anyway! We have lots of things coming up in the next few months-I need to start studying to take my PCAT before Addy and I both go to school in the fall. I also have the rest of my pharmacy application to work on as well. Addy's also starting to sleep a little less at night-now only about 11 hours! I'm still hoping to write about once a week, and as exciting things come up, and of course I'll still post pictures! I've broken the flap on my camera that hides the memory card-I've been transferring pictures so often! So for now-Happy Birthday Addy!!!!

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