Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stayin' Home

This pic is for Aunt Sarah-Addy's new t-shirt!

Yesterday, Addy and I stayed home and did lots of laundry. It was just a little too windy and cold to do anything outside. We did have an awesome family moment in the the evening. We were hanging out in mommy and daddy's room, and Addy was hanging out against the full length mirror. She started giggling at herself, so I imitated her, which made her giggle harder. Soon I was doing a silly laugh, kind of like a witch, but not scary sounding. That's what sets Toby off, and he starts howling, or what we call "singing". At that point, daddy started laughing hard, which made Addy laugh harder. This circle went on for about 5 min-awesome :)

Today we stayed home, sort of, all day again. We read about a million books, many of them 3 or 4 times, because when one was done, Addy would get upset until you started reading again. Addy was also being a momma's girl tonight, until daddy brought out her favorite toy (riding on her car) and when he brought out her favorite book, Mommy's Best Kisses. Other than that, Addy learned how to play with her pop-up toy from Grandma and Grandad Gentry. She has finally learned how to open 2 of the 5 animals, and a third one pops open if you drop the toy on the ground, which she finds really funny. We took Toby for a walk around the neighborhood in the beautiful weather. We also walked down to the park for fun on the swings and slide. Addy started crawling around the playground, which was a little scary, since there were kids running all over the place, but they all stayed away from her, and she wasn't really too close to the playset, so it was all good. It was definitely a different surface for her to crawl on-a blue rubbery surface!

So we have a question...here's the outfit Addy was going to wear for her birthday party. Daddy doesn't like the blue shirt with the skirt very much-which color do you suggest we should use for a shirt? PS I LOVE the shoes :)

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