Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend 1

Bunny, you are going down!!!!!

Friday, we spend the day driving to Fort Wayne. Addy had her first kid's meal at IHOP, a create-your-own face pancake. She really enjoyed it :) She also had her own meal at Bob Evans.

On Saturday, we had fun with Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop and some of the extended family. Then on Sunday we had fun with Grandma and Grandad Gentry and more extended family at Aunt Stephanie's baby shower. Then we stopped by Aunt Sarah's on the way home.

Yesterday, we spend the day unpacking and cleaning and doing lots of laundry. We took a walk around the neighborhood with Toby, and he loved hanging out with us again. Then when daddy got home, everyone walked me to Bunco before continuing on with another walk.

Today, the weather was HOT! More like, warm and sooo muggy. It felt hotter than the 90 degree days we had, but it was only in the low 80s. We enjoyed a stroll down Main Street and then along the river. We ended up on the Pier, which was pretty cool :) And speaking of things that are completely different (the weather) from the Fort, I paid a quarter less for gas today, only $3.74. After our walk, a big storm came through the area. We had lots of small hail off and on, and a ton of rain. Oh well, we had fun hanging out in the basement anyway :)

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