Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Vacation at Home!

Wednesday was pretty unexciting. Addy and I ran a few errands in the nice weather, then stopped at the park with friends on the way home. However, there was a funny story with daddy after Addy went to bed:

Josh: I need a mop. Swiffer?
Me: Yes. The pads are under the washer.
Josh: Which one is the washer?
30 seconds later
Josh: Are they supposed to be wet?
Me: Yes, they are for mopping.
Josh: How does this work?

Then there is Addy's sleep schedule, for just about every nap and nightime. She really needs to learn how to go to sleep again. Her newest trick she's been doing for awhile: I lay her down without a fight. She grabs her bear and paci, and I leave. 20 minutes later, I hear her crying, so I go up there and she's either standing or sitting, just playing. So I lay her down, and almost always she then goes to sleep. That crazy girl. She does know how to get down by herself, I guess she doesn't realize it when she's in her crib?

Thursday, daddy had a day trip to Columbia. Addy and I went to her favorite store, the grocery store. We were playing after we got home, when Toby went crazy barking. Then he got even crazier once the doorbell rang. So we went to check it out, and Addy's birthday present arrived :) The neighbors were out too, so we stopped and chatted with them until naptime. When daddy got home, we had another meeting at church, our last one. Addy was very good in the nursery, we hear, but we were the last ones out, so she was crying when we went to get her. I guess when everyone else left, she got really sad, and either wanted them back, or thought we forgot her! She stopped as soon as I took her. So cute :)


Friday, daddy had the day off. So after Addy's nap, we picked up subs and had a picnic in the park. Addy seemed to enjoy eating on a blanket a lot! Then we went to the zoo for a couple of hours. A woodchuck was digging in his cage and got dirt all over Addy. She got to pet a goat and a guinea pig. We got really close to the penguins and she was waving to them. The tigers and the orangutans were really active and playful. It was a great day for the zoo. A little warm, but not unbearable.

After the zoo, we went to the neighbor's house for egg stuffing. Addy got to play with kids and help daddy stuff Easter eggs. Mommy and daddy had fun too, hanging out with neighborhood adults :)

First ice cream cone :)

Today, we did a few household chores. Then we decided to go to Lowe's to get a few things in the truck. We get Addy in her seat and go out to the truck, when daddy notices the back tire is completely flat. So daddy got the tire off and we took it to Firestone, where they said it would be $20 to get it patched. We went home to put Addy's birthday gift together, when we got a call from Firestone. There was an irreparable gash, and instead of $20, we had to buy a new tire :( After we picked up the tire, we decided to check out the Tartan Festival. Lots of kilts and music-Addy enjoyed it. Then we went to the ice cream shop where Addy enjoyed her first ice cream cone-lots of people were enjoying watching her eat it too. It was definitely adorable :) Then we came home for a bath, while daddy repaired the tire. Then it was time for an early bedtime for all :D

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