Sunday, April 3, 2011


Friday we went to Little Lambs and painted with feathers. Addy did get a little blue paint on me, but two other kids got it in their hair, and we didn't do that! After playing, we went over to Kohl's to spend our Kohl's cash, and then went home for nap. After nap, we went to Sam's and spent a bunch of money on diapers, then we went over to the mulch place to get a load of mulch. Addy liked watching the tractor dump mulch in the truck. :) Then when daddy got home, we went on a walk in the nice weather.

Saturday, Daddy and I took shifts watching the baby, while the other one was out working in the yard. We weeded the landscape, shifted rocks, disposed of leaves, turned dirt, and of course put down a bunch of mulch. At about the middle of the afternoon, we finished the load of mulch, but not laying it. So Josh and Addy went back out to pick up a second load. Daddy did a little more mulch laying, and then we went over to the neighbor's fire pit. Addy was enjoying watching their kids play, while we enjoyed hanging out with grownups.

Today, we went to church and Panera, as usual. Then we went back outside and finished the mulch pretty quickly. We had to come in though, because it was getting warm!!! We set a record today, 90 degrees. On comes the air conditioning again! Addy and I took a nap, and then we all went for a walk, when it wasn't quite as warm. After the walk, we played outside in the yard, and enjoyed looking at all our hard work! You will just have to come out here and see it, because I forgot to take pictures before it got dark :)

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