Thursday, April 14, 2011


My little troublemaker!

Yesterday was a fun day. We spent the morning playing as usual. After lunch, we went to register mommy for classes in the fall! I'm now a student! I didn't quite get the class times I wanted, well, for one class, so I'm going to keep hoping that someone drops out so I can get put in. But it looks like it is going to work out for Addy to go to Parent's Day Out while I'm in class, so I'm excited for that. I think she'll have a lot of fun. So it's now time to register her for school!

After registration, we went to the bank and to Kohls. She now has a different shirt to go with her birthday skirt-its so cute, I can't wait for her to show it off! Daddy really liked this one too. After a delicious pork roast dinner, we went for a walk in the beautiful weather. Then the baby and daddy went to play while I did the dishes. Shortly after, we had some guests who were actually for Toby, but Addy had to perform for them too. We walked past her in the basement, and daddy said she got really mad, and started chasing after us, stomping her hands and knees to the floor to catch up ;)

She's been having so much fun learning new things. She really enjoys closing doors and playing peekabo with them. Daddy also thinks she's going to be a football player, because she loves to stiff arm him in the face while they are playing. At one point last night, she was farting and laughing at the same time, which daddy enjoyed. She's also just starting to stack things, and put things into containers, rather than just taking them out. I'm so excited for that one! She's also been waking up by 7:30, instead of the 8:30 I was getting used to. I guess she thinks she needs more playtime! At least she'll play in her crib for quite awhile before I have to get up :)

Speaking of learning things, daddy sure needs to learn how to notice things! The day we did pictures was the first day I've straightened my hair since I got it permed. So it has been curly everyday for over 3 months. When he got home, I asked him if he noticed anything different about me. He looked and asked if my bangs looked different (which I didn't do much different to them). At least he got the hair part, but seriously?? My hair is like 2 inches longer straight! I thought it looked really different! (You'll see a little bit down this post.) Also yesterday during Addy's nap, I cleaned out almost the whole garage, sweeping behind everything and rearranging it to give us more space. He said he noticed that his boots had been moved.... uggg.

Today was another plain day. We played for awhile, then it took me a whole hour to pay bills. It really stinks when you can't get your checkbook to balance, and you realize it was something stupid you did the last time you balanced it! Then Addy and I had lunch and walked to the park. We had the park mostly to ourselves, at least for the end of our trip. Addy went down the slide, all by herself! I put her at the top, and she put her hands on each side, bent forward and slid down. Each time she was a little more hesitant though, it was cute! We also played on the swings and with her favorite "keyboard". Then we came home for another nap, then we took the puppy for a walk around the neighborhood while we waited for daddy to get home from work. Toby wanted to play with all the other dogs we saw. Then after dinner, daddy made Addy giggle a bunch, like usual. Sometimes those two have too much fun, Addy can't even catch her breath!! haha! We also got a preview of Addy's 1st birthday pictures. Check them out here (my fav is the 2nd to last one):

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