Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day!

Addy's wearing her Cardinals tee for the day! Too bad it didn't work...

Yesterday, Addy and I had a normal morning. Then we went to get the oil in my car changed. While we waited, we took a walk in the gorgeous weather. Then we got the car and went home. When we got there, we wanted to go for a walk with the puppy, but the wind picked up so it was a little too cold. Addy is doing something pretty funny though. When I go to pick her up after a nap, she gives me her bear, and smiles when I say thank you. Then I ask her for her paci, and she takes it out of her mouth and hands it to me with a big smile.

Today, we watched the news in the morning, like usual. Everything was about Opening Day and how there is a petition to make it an official holiday in St. Louis. Then we went to Target and bought the last few cans of formula that Addy will ever need (hopefully)! So exciting we won't have to buy that stuff anymore! Then we stopped at the grocery store before coming home. In the afternoon, we went for a long walk with Toby. The weather was perfect for walking, sunny, not too breezy and mid-50s. Daddy was even in a better mood after a few bad days at work. I also got accepted to SCCC today! That's the school where I'll be taking my prerequisites. It's not that exciting-anyone with a high school diploma gets in :)

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