Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daddy Day

Yesterday, we had a guest blogger. Enjoy!:

Today was a special day, Addy and Daddy were together the whole day while Mommy made a campus visit to a potential pharmacy school and volunteered at Church for a soup dinner. We started our day by attending Ash Wednesday services in the morning. Addy was mostly good and looked through many books. She started to get cranky and had some Cheerios for a snack. Daddy made the mistake of letting her play with the Cheerios container. Addy has a new habit of throwing things when she's done with them or doesn't want them. When she threw the container, it popped open and spread Cheerios EVERYWHERE!

Next we went up to receive ashes and Addy seemed perplexed as to why the nice priest was touching her forehead. When we got back to our pew she kept trying to grab at the ashes on Daddy's forehead, it was funny. When we got home I told her she was a good girl at church and she shook her head "No" in response, it was cute.

It was then time for Addy to have a bottle and take a nap. She went down and slept for only 20 minutes and started crying a lot. I checked to see she had her pacifier and bear and tried to put her back to sleep. I noticed a horrible smell in her room and assumed it was the diaper pail. When she didn't go back to sleep, I did a smell test on her diaper and almost passed out. It was the stinkiest diaper I've ever witnessed. After cleaning up the "explosion" Addy was able to nap for an extra hour.

Addy had her dinner after her nap and we had a visit from one of Daddy's co-workers who brought over a switch to borrow for Daddy's conference. Later Addy had snacks while Daddy ate fishsticks. Then it was time for jammies, bottle and bed. It was fun to spend a whole day all by ourselves.

Today (Thursday) Addy and I spent all day at home. We played for awhile, cleaned up the house after daddy's day yesterday and then we had a special guest. A lady from Parents As Teachers came and evaluated Addy and gave us tips and ideas for Addy's development. She passed all the tests well-one test she even performed at a 13-14 month child's level!! Yea Addy, she's advanced when there is food involved ;) Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day. However, we did enjoy this video. If you know the old spice guy and his commercials, this video is AWESOME!

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