Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christmas in March!

Aunt Maddi, Cousin Abby, Aunt Ally and Addy!

This weekend was a busy "vacation" weekend. Friday was a travel day-we drove with only one stop! Very impressive :) Addy was pretty good, but now needs to be much more entertained with toys than previous trips. First we stopped by the Gentry's and we dropped off daddy. Then, since everyone left, we went to the Badenhop's for the evening.

Saturday, daddy spent working on Great-Grandma's floors. Addy and I hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop, and then with Aunt Sarah when she got there. We went out to Casa's for Aunt Sarah's birthday meal, and then had cake and ice cream. Addy loved the ice cream and ate almost a whole scoop of it!

Sunday, as soon as we woke up, we went to visit Aunt Katelyn at work, then went over to the Gentry's. We had Christmas in March with the whole family, and we got to see daddy again. Everyone was tired from working on the floors at grandma's, but they sure look great! After Christmas, we went to church and then some of us went out to Steak N' Shake for dinner. Addy ate about half of my milkshake...I don't know about that girl! Then we went back to Grandad and Grandma's for playtime before bed.

First thing Monday morning, we went to visit Diana and baby Maci. She was one day shy of 1 month old, and she slept through most of our visit. She sure was cute though :) After our visit, it was time for Addy's nap and then a trip to IHOP. Addy enjoyed daddy's strawberry pancakes and visiting with family before we left! Then we picked up Toby, and she was asleep before we even got to aunt Katelyn's work to say bye and get a few drinks for the road. After about an hour, we got to Ball State and made some computer-stuff donations to daddy's old school. We visited for awhile, and then hit the road for the long drive back. Before we left, the forecast said we would have a 60 degree day when we got back. Instead, as soon as we crossed the Mississippi River, there was a layer of snow on the ground. Apparently we had 3 inches on Monday morning! It took us 2 attempts to get in the garage, but we did it. :) What an exciting and fun Christmas trip!

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