Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy Days

Daddy's home!

Wednesday was a big day in Addy's life-she stood up in her play area in our room all by herself while I was showering. The first time she's stood up from sitting all by herself, without using me! She was gliding around the gates, from one corner to another-"gliding" more than she ever has. We knew daddy was going to miss a milestone while he was gone, but that was within the first few hours of him leaving! Then we went to baby sign language at the library, the bank, Target, and the Goodwill truck. Then we spent a lot of time outside because it was so nice. Then after I put Addy to bed, I spent a bunch of time on the phone and relaxing for the evening, while Josh was off gambling and winning 58K, in fake chips that is!

Thursday, Addy and I went to the dollar store and Walmart looking for birthday party decorations. We are going to keep looking.... Then, as usual, we spent the afternoon outside. It has been so gorgeous-both Addy and Toby get so excited when I get the leash out-it's so funny!! Then daddy came home from Kansas City, and then we went to a meeting at church. The meeting started at Addy's bedtime, but her babysitters in the nursery said she was one of the happiest babies they've seen. So I guess she was good for them, even though it was quite late for her :)

Today, we went to Little Lambs, where Addy's craft was pooping in her diaper. So we had our first diaper change at Little Lambs ;) There wasn't enough room at the table for her to paint, so we didn't get to do that. She did enjoy the animal cracker snacks though. After nap, we spent time outside. It was earlier than usual, but it was also 60 at 9am :) And said we were supposed to have rain at 1pm, so I wanted to make sure we got our outside time. Turns out, it didn't actually rain until 6, and we had hail twice, and major downpours. It's still raining. It's supposed to let up by tomorrow morning, so now Toby's going to go back to having muddy paws....*yea* :( Now it's just cleaning time before our special guests tomorrow!

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