Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

So if this is the first full day of spring and it's 81 degrees, I'm not excited to see what this summer is going to bring ;)

Today was a busy day-we dropped off our lawn mower for a tuneup, and then did some birthday party shopping. Party City is really cool-cooler than factory card outlet! We got some great stuff for pretty cheap, so I'm excited about that. Addy was having fun playing with our stuff while she was in the cart too. Then we went to JoAnn Fabric to get some fabrics to make a few things. Let me say-I LOVE the new key fobs for the truck. No more having to go around to the driver side, then back to the passenger side if I want to put stuff over there-definitely worth the money :) After a nap (maybe, again, I'm not sure), we played for awhile. Addy today did a new trick which was really cool-she can roll the ball back and forth!! I got really excited when she did it, so she started getting excited and was really getting into it. She rolled it at least 10 times :) Josh got her to do it for him when he got home too! Then I had bunco night next door and now I need to do the dishes....bleh.

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