Sunday, March 27, 2011


Our snow-covered and blossom-covered tree... all the snow is pretty much gone now though.

Today was a pretty normal Sunday-we went to church and then Panera. Nothing too exciting at church, except for Addy dropping more Cheerios than she got in her mouth, so we switched to a bottle ;) After we went to Panera, Addy got her thumb and pinky finger painted for a project we are doing for one of the girls at Little Lambs. She's one of the leaders, but she will be leaving at the end of the school year to go to New Haven-yes in Indiana! So hopefully we'll still get to visit her and her cute kids :)

After we got home, we Skyped with Grandma and Grandpa Badenhop. Then daddy decided to do a house project-fixing a leaky sink. We seem to have a lot of them around here... So Addy and I were in the living room just playing when we hear daddy upstair-"Turn off the water! Turn off the water!" So we run down to the basement, however we have our nice cover over the water shut-off valve, a screwed-in, very large air grille. So I had to find a screwdriver, unscrew four of the screws before I could get in to shut off the water. Daddy came down, slightly wet and said he didn't think he needed to turn off the water for what he was doing...But obviously he did-he had unscrewed the handle to the hot water, and as it started flowing, it kept getting warmer and warmer, and ended up very hot! But he got it cleaned up pretty quick, it wasn't too horrible. But the sink is fixed, no more leaks.

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