Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stay at Home Days

One picture I forgot to add to the last post

Tuesday, Addy and I spent the day doing laundry, dishes and cleaning up the house from our vacation. We slept in until 9 which was awesome, and then she even took a two hour and a one and a half hour nap. So we didn't get too much playing done, but we did get caught up on sleep :) Daddy even came home early, which was awesome. We had a meeting in the evening-Pediatric first aid. We both learned quite a bit, and Addy was a very good baby through it! The lady who hosted the group really wanted to play with Addy too, it was funny :)

Today we stayed home again-this time we got our 66 degree day and we sure took advantage of it! We spent some time playing, but then we took Toby out for an early afternoon walk in the beautiful weather. We played outside a little after the walk, and she thought it was hilarious to take my sunglasses off my face. Addy took a long afternoon nap again, which was nice. Daddy came home early again, so we had enough time to take a short evening walk too. She tried to play the glasses game with him, only his weren't sunglasses. She tried to put daddy's glasses back on him, and that was pretty funny. Today, Addy successfully passed one of her questions from the behavior assessment last week that I said no to. She dropped a cd on the ground while she was standing, leaned down, picked it up and stood back up. She was so proud of herself too :) She also glided from one chair to another today, which was also pretty cool. She just keeps doing new things all the time!

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