Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sunday night was a rough one. Josh and I stayed up an extra hour, because the big storm was supposed to hit then. It was bad enough that we woke up Addy and all hung out in the basement until it was over, like 15 min. No damage by us, but there were tornado/70+ winds in some of the towns in the area. We survived though :)

Yesterday was a very busy day. We spent 10 minutes inspecting the laundry hamper, two laundry load switches (washer to dryer, more clothes to washer) inspecting the cardboard box that toothpaste comes in, 15 minutes destroying junk mail, and we spent lots of time practicing crawling. It looked warm outside, with the sun shining, but it definitely was not. Addy was saying "mum, mum, mem, mum" all day, so I'll take that as mom :) She grew up so fast....bypassed mama and mommy!! hahaha!

We also got a check in the mail from Nissan Finance for $2.87-because we paid off my car!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Today-we can now say Addy is officially mobile. She no longer stays in one place when you put her somewhere, unless there is a very interesting toy :) She is crawling pretty well, though it's not too fast yet. I'm sure that will come tomorrow :) She also was sitting in her crib again when I went to get her after her morning nap today. We planted our seeds in the house today-tomatoes, peppers, and 2 kinds of flowers. Hopefully they work-we'll save a lot of money at the store if we get both the peppers and tomatoes to grow! We also finally got to get out into the gorgeous weather. It was beautiful today-and it's really funny how both of my children get excited now when the dog leash comes out! Addy also got to rip up leaves and grass today while we were out, so that was really exciting. I also made some beef stroganoff for dinner that was fantastic. Yum Yum! (I must mention these dinner accomplishments, as delicious dinners I cook don't come often).

Here's a video for your eyes and ears to enjoy. The first part is from Sunday when she found certain phrases to be particularly funny. The second part is her watching Grover on YouTube. She finds him very amusing. At the very end, you see her crawling toward the computer-she now can get to what she wants, and I think she likes that alot!

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