Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy 11 Month Birthday!

One more month until the big first birthday! Ah, last year at this time I was huge, wearing mostly only Josh's clothes and feeling bleh. This year, much better :)

Addy is doing very well in her crawling now. She can get to just about anywhere she wants to go. She's pulling up to stand on just about anything she can get a good grasp on, and is becoming more confident about gliding around every day. She can bend down to pick up things while she's standing against something, but most times cannot get back down to sitting after she's stood up. She's still attempting to walk, but her favorite game is just to fall toward you, without taking any steps.

She now loves clapping, high fiving, handing things to you, and she still is doing her other "tricks". She's even starting to wave to strangers without being prompted, especially to little kids. She's starting to learn where facial features are. She is also starting her giggling phase where everything is funny, which is really really fun :)

She's still being a picky eater, loves grains and dairy, likes fruit and will eat some, and doesn't like veggies. She'll eat fruit and veggies from the baby food containers, but not in chunks from her plate. Hopefully she'll start trying more someday, we just keep putting things on her plate. Her favorite thing to do with those things though, is to throw them on the floor, then she laughs when Toby eats them up. She also has 6 teeth now, 4 on top, 2 on bottom, to help her eat all her food!

She still loves playing with her toys, especially noisy ones. She really loves books too. She'll turn the pages and look at all the pictures, from all different angles. Then if I ask her if she wants to read it with me, she gets really excited. She also is starting to like her baths a lot more, which makes it fun for everyone, except for the fact she has learned how to splash water. It gets me wet, but it's really not fun when she gets it in her own eyes!!

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