Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Here's a pic of her toothy grin!

Yesterday, I went outside first thing in the morning and pulled weeds and cut down the grasses around the storm drain. I filled a yard bag and a trash can with all the yard waste :-O Then, I took Addy to the park to meet up with her friends Brady and Maddie. Miss Maddie is walking like it's nothing now! She of course fell a few times, and she didn't want to stay on the padded playground area-just wanted to walk off the slight edge, which for the babies is huge :) After a fun time at the park, we went home and got a nap. Then we went for a walk in the nice weather with daddy and Toby, played with toys and Addy went to bed.

Shopping for a wheelbarrow, this one looks perfect!

Today we went to church. Pastor told a funny story today about his 3 year old daughter. She was walking around the house, holding a little box, and she told him that the box was love. He said ok, and dismissed it. Then she came back later and told him again, this is love. So he had to ask, what is in there? She said, "Diamonds, diamonds are love." That girl knows what she's talking about!! hahaha! After church, Addy had a nap, then we had lunch and we went to the park. Then we went to Lowe's to go wheelbarrow shopping. We are hoping to put down mulch in the next week or so, if it doesn't rain. Then after Addy's next nap, I took Toby and Addy for a walk around the neighborhood. We didn't go far, it was a little too warm in pants, and Toby was panting. We aren't used to 81 degree temperatures yet! (We've turned on the air twice now, just for a little bit, to help cool the house down so we can all sleep.) Then we had a successful meatloaf and scalloped potato dinner before playtime and bedtime. Now for a little basketball to finish the night.

Today we thought we'd try Addy's Ohio State t-shirt, to help cheer them on to victory. It's a 12 month shirt and fits perfectly. Like, any smaller and her belly would show. Then we tried on a pair of jeans she hasn't been able to wear. We baby-safety pinned the back to make them smaller, and rolled them up. But then they were looking cute as capri's, so we rolled them up more. The size on the jeans: 6-9 months. Ugh.

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