Friday, March 18, 2011

Toothy Grin

Today, what struck me most about Addy is that her top teeth are really growing in. Her grins include her teeth now much of the time. She has been feeling her teeth with her tongue a lot lately, which is funny to watch.

Today we went to the car place first thing in the morning-daddy now has working key fobs for his truck!!! Woohoo!! They were already coming in handy today with the errands we ran. After that, we picked up a replacement leg for our ottoman, and by then it was time for morning nap. After that, we played a lot. We were going to go outside for a walk, but as soon as Addy woke up, it started raining, and the rain just poured harder and harder all through lunch. By the time Addy went down for her 2nd nap, it had stopped. I'm not really sure if she took her second nap though. I heard her making noise about 5, 15 and 30 minutes after I laid her down. At about 40 minutes she started crying for me, and didn't want to lay back down. She was pretty tired before bedtime, so I'm guessing if she did sleep, it wasn't long. We ran a few more errands, then tried to go to the park on the way home, but I didn't bring her a sweatshirt, and it was a little too cold to stay without one. So we came home, put on sweatshirts, leashed up Toby and went for a walk instead. Then daddy came home, so we ate, played and Addy went to bed :)

I also had Addy giggling at one point today, and in the middle of it, she said "HA!" really loud, like a grownup. It was pretty funny :P

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