Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Today was another gorgeous day outside. It was 74, slightly sunny, and a little breezy-perfect for our afternoon walk. Before that, we went to our favorite mall to do a little shopping and walking around. We went to Cabela's to look at the animals, when we heard over the loud speaker that they were going to be feeding the fish in 5 minutes. So we went over and watched the catfish eat their food. Addy loved it. She just watched all the fish swimming around-very cool :)

After our trip to the mall, we stopped at the gas station to pick up milk. It had gone up by 30 cents!! So with tax, a gallon of milk was more expensive than a gallon of gas. That is just crazy.

After dinner, we went to a church meeting, so Addy got to hang out in the nursery. The babysitter said she was really good most of the time, but then got a little cranky so she gave her some cheerios, and then she was great. But then one of the babies got a bottle, so then she wanted a bottle, and then she was good again. It was really funny when we walked in, at first she didn't see us, too busy watching all the action. Then she saw us, and got really excited, then started crying. So Josh picked her up, and she kept crying. So he gave her to me, and immediate silence. Sooo funny. Silly girl :)

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