Monday, November 15, 2010

100 Posts!

Addy is so excited-this is post #100, and most of them are about her! It was originally supposed to be a blog written from Toby's point of view. Obviously that has not happened, way harder than I thought it would be...anyway...

Yesterday, we went to church. During the homily this time....nothing! She was a perfect angel. Of course she was fussy off and on, but she stayed quiet and unsmelly :) She even fell asleep in daddy's arms. So cute :) When we got home, we made wings and fries for the football game. Then we enjoyed a Colts victory! We just chilled out the rest of the night at home.

Today was a very busy day. I did 2 loads of laundry, watered the yard and showered, all before 11. We then went to the doctor to get Addy's flu shot. The nurse gave her the shot, then as she was putting on the bandage, she gave a little fussy cry, and then she smiled at her. She did so good! Then we went out to lunch with daddy, and it was delicious. After a pretty normal afternoon, I went to the neighbors house for ladies night bunco. I met some of the other ladies in the neighborhood, which was fun. The December meeting sounds really fun too :) While I was gone, daddy had a lot of fun with Addy. He claims he had her cracking up, laughing so hard. Later, after he had put her to bed, he found Toby laying down next to her crib. So sad I missed it, but it was so nice to be out of the house!

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