Monday, November 1, 2010

Picture Time

Thursday was a busy day. We spent all day playing and packing up for our trip. Addy was doing something really funny though. We were playing with her mirror toy. Usually her favorite part is the green leaves at the bottom because they make noise. Once in awhile, she'll play with the ball in the lady bug. She also enjoys trying to pull off the bumblebee, which doesn't come off, but she tries to get it off anyway. Just Thursday, she discovered there was a baby in between the 2 bugs, so what does she do? She tries to eat the baby. She looks, then goes in for the kill. She did it a few times, and it was really, really funny. :) Now for some pictures:

Comb-over baby!

My ghost pumpkin hadn't been showcased yet....

Our new basement furniture I keep talking about.. :)

Our oversized chair that didn't fit where it was supposed to, but is awesome anyway :)

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