Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter Day!

Putting Hogwart's spells on daddy!

Today was an interesting day. First we had Little Lambs, and Addy had lots of fun. She enjoyed playing with the toys and sat still for most of the lesson. Then we painted.... She was supposed to make a hand turkey, but we decided to pretty much do her hand print, because she still curls her hand up, instead of leaving it out straight (so that we could make each finger a different color). She did really well with the first hand print. The second one was ok, but as I was reaching to get her paper towel to wipe her off right away, she put her hand right on her pants. My hand had pink on it too, so I ended up getting a little spot on her shirt, but hey, her hand "turkeys" look cool :) After that was snack time, and awesome as I am, I spilled some of her formula powder right on the carpet floor. :(

After playing, we tried to go to a new post office, one that was right next to church. We parked at the door, next to a few other cars. Up on the door was a sign that said that the customer entrance had moved, and it was now in the back of the building. So we tried to drive down to the left, but there was a sign that said authorized vehicles only. So we tried to drive around the right side, same sign. So I decided that the post office was stupid, and we would try somewhere else. We did eventually get to the post office, as well as a few other errands. We came home, and the rest of the day, Addy wouldn't take her naps like a good girl. I guess I messed them up too much with the morning's activities. But that meant she went to bed early, so I could actually get something done. :)

Addy hasn't been working on any new mobility "tricks" lately, she's been working on talking. She loves talking a lot, especially if you prompt her. It's pretty cute. I'm working on a video to show everyone soon!

One other funny story that doesn't have to do with us. We were walking through Kohls, and the lingerie was on the opposite side of the aisle. There was a girl, about 5 years old, and her mom walking past. The little girl stopped, grabbed an "dress" and asked her mommy if she liked this one, or if she would like it more in red. You could tell the mom was embarrassed, I would be ;) Very funny!

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