Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

Addy just keeps growing. Her little belly gets bigger all the time, and she's definitely getting longer. Her hair is getting longer too! She's able to only take her medicine once a day now, and she spits up much less too. Her normal feeding is about every 2 hours, with breakfast of 2T of cereal and a taste of a new fruit or vegetable in the morning, and then 3T of cereal and a half jar of a fruit or veggie in the evening. Her favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples. She is not yet ready for Stage 2 food, as she "chokes" on it and doesn't like the texture. She is also still growing her first tooth.

Developmentally, I think this has been the biggest month for Addy. She's sitting really well by herself. She's standing for slight moments holding on to furniture. If you hold her hands, she makes walking motions with her feet all the way across a room. She grabs everything within her sight and puts it into her mouth. She's really getting more talkative too, stringing sounds together, especially aye-aye-aye... She can also drink a little from a cup, in that she can take a sip, turn away, take another sip. She's sleeping by herself, not wrapped up in her swaddler anymore. She'll sometimes play in her crib before and/or after her naps too, without crying or anything. She doesn't really seem to be into crawling. She enjoys NOT being on her stomach, still. She loves silly laughing, being surprised and anything new. Such a cutie!

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