Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Done!! (Mostly)

The yard is looking great. It's nice that it will finally be quiet around here...well, construction quiet :) They put all the seed down last night, then came back this morning to concrete in the fence post. There is still a missing piece of fence until that is dry, so hopefully by Monday, we'll be all set. Now for all the watering.

Josh got his truck *fixed* (fingers crossed!). We charged his battery off of the Nissan, and got it going, twice. We'll see how tomorrow goes, but we may do the 50K tuneup/check a little bit early ;) Let's hope it keeps working.

Other than that, Addy and I had a pretty normal day. She was still cranky and wanted to nap quite a bit, but today she ate her cereal and about 5 spoonfuls of her sweet potatoes. We also let her chew on a graham cracker at dinner. She seemed to like it, and we were able to eat, so we will probably be continuing that in the future. Tomorrow is her first day of carrots-hopefully she'll like those too!

Addy loves to be naked baby!

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