Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Weekend before the Holiday!

Yesterday, we spent the morning preparing for brunch. It turned out great! We went through almost a whole 13x9 of egg casserole, 15 sausage patties, about 6 potatoes, and a dozen or so pancakes. So now I have a few yummy leftovers :) After brunch, Addy passed out. Then after playing and a bath, we went to church. It was a kind of cool service-it wasn't like normal. We did a "journey" through the church year in one night. We had a short explanation of a season, and then sang a song from each of the 6 seasons. It was pretty cool. But since there wasn't one long homily, we didn't have to worry about screeching or pooping during church! She was really good, and even made the little boy sitting behind us tell his mom that he wanted a baby in their house. The mom said no way!

Today was a busy day. Addy and I got up nice and early and ran the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. It was Addy's 3rd race, and we shaved 3 min and 3 sec off of our last run in Fort Wayne! It was really exciting. Then we came home, got ready and did a little shopping in the afternoon. Then Addy was being a little fussy, and I couldn't figure out why, until I realized she hadn't had her medicine yet, and then she was fine the rest of the night. We definitely can't give it up quite yet!

Here is a talking compilation video I made!

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