Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bad Day/Great Day!

Thursday was a rough day. Addy was cranky off and on. I even ended up giving her a dose of Tylenol, just in case something was sore. I was thinking maybe she was having a growth spurt, and it was making her hurt a little. It was a nice day temperature wise, but was quite windy, but we decided to go for a walk anyway. I think some of the neighbors looked at me weird, when I was pushing a stroller in that wind, but we needed some fresh air. I kept checking on Addy (she was covered up by the shades on the stroller) and she was nice and toasty warm and enjoying the fresh air. Toby was the trouble one to walk, which is typical. Then we came inside for some cereal. We went back outside to start the watering for the night, when daddy called, and said his truck wouldn't start, and we needed to come rescue him. So we turned off the water, got changed and left for daddy's work. We jumpstarted the truck, then took it to Autozone, where they said the battery was dead. So we bought a new battery. Addy was pretty upset during this time-she just wanted to go home and be in familiar surroundings. She screamed the whole way home, and it didn't help that we sat through 2 cycles of a red light, before pretty much running the third one on the "orange" light. Oh well, we got her home and she was much better. She even enjoyed gumming a graham cracker :) What a day...

Showing off her puppy dog slippers

Then Friday morning came. We got up early to go to Little Lambs. Addy was very good, but wanted her paci almost the whole time. She sort of listened to the story, and then did very well with the craft. We traced her body onto a large piece of paper, and then decorated it to look like her. She loved playing with the pink and purple crayon and then with a piece of paper I cut off for her. Everyone there noticed how well she was sitting now - whole minutes even. She's been doing really awesome! She also has orange poop, which means.....she loves eating her sweet potatoes AND carrots! Finally we found something she likes. Then, while we were hanging out in the basement, she was sitting on my leg, and crawled her way onto her belly all by herself, without doing a face plant. Toby was just in front of us, so touching him encouraged her to go forward. And the most exciting thing of all happened. I was letting her play with my finger, when I notice something in her mouth--a little sharp corner of a tooth! You can't see it yet, but you can definitely feel it. I think it's the left bottom tooth. That sure explains the crankiness that I wasn't sure should still be associated with being tired :) Yea Addy!

Today was a very busy day. I spent most of it outside, watering the grass and trimming bushes. Josh and Addy also went and bought firewood from local boy scouts. They filled the bed of the truck, so that meant a lot of stacking wood for us! Josh is working on building a fire right now, I can't wait :) Addy was in a good mood almost all day - so cute! Still working on that tooth, but she won't let me look at it. She finished off her jar of carrots too! She's really getting those orange foods down. Well, I'm off to enjoy a night of reading by the fire. Goodnight!!

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