Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Over tired

Today has been an interesting day. Addy woke up about her normal time and drank a bottle. Then, when she was hungry again, I made her some cereal. Instead of excitingly eating it up, as usual, she cried the whole time I attempted it. So I gave her a bottle and then she went down for a nap. I tried twice after the nap to give her the food, but she was still not interested. I tried to give her a bath, but she got upset halfway through that. She doesn't want to play with her toys very long either. She is being kind of cuddly, which is rare, so at least I am enjoying that :) And with all the napping, almost everything is unpacked already! The cute thing Addy has done today and did yesterday, is that she is discovering her hands. She looks at her palm, then turns her hand over and looks at the back. She is just studying it. So cute!

Josh came home early today. Instead of Addy and I going to vote, and then to pick up Toby this morning, (as was the plan) Josh had to take the car, because the truck wouldn't start this morning. So when he got home, we all went to vote. I looked up online where to vote, since our cards got lost in the mail, or so I thought. Apparently, we weren't registered to vote. The guy told us to call our old county to see if we were registered there, and we could go back by our old house to do so. But no, they have that we moved to St. Charles County, but somehow, St. Charles County says we can't vote here. So we didn't get to vote. We are hoping for landslide victories, so that our votes wouldn't have mattered as much. So then we went to pick up Toby. He was excited to see me for a little bit, then he was more interested in smelling everything. Then we dropped him off and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was slightly disappointing, enough that we probably won't go back again. Then, as we pulled into the garage, Josh broke the mirror on my car. It's not as bad as his car, but it did come off. I snapped it back on, and then taped it, just to be sure. Then, we checked out his truck. We think it is just the battery, and we are charging our battery jump starters to hopefully get it running again. So, all in all, it hasn't been a great day. But....

They did seed the grass today in the backyard. The wall looks awesome, but since its dark, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for pictures! The fence isn't put back together yet either, so hopefully they'll do that tomorrow. But the basketball post is gone, which is really exciting in and of itself :)

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